Prices per night


  • Prices are per night with a maximum of 9 people  and include electricity, water, gas, firewood, internet.
  • To make a reservation you have to pay 40% of the total . If you cancel the reservation one month in advance to return the amount paid. If the cancellation is made ​​less than a month antelació not refunded the amount of the reserve.
  • From 4 nights there are special discounts that apply to the total reservation.
  • The time of entry into the house is 16:00 and time of departure is 12:00
  • The date of entry into the house has to deposit a security deposit of 250 € . This deposit is returned within 2-3 days after the booking once done cleaning the houses and found its perfect state.

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 4 noches o mas un 10% descuento

 6 noches o mas un 20% descuento

10 noches o mas un 30% descuento

15 noches o mas un 40% descuento

29 noches o mas un  50% descuento



email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

teléfono: 608 424 154 

(Jairo Badia)

Camino de Vilaller a Castanesa km 3,5

CP25552 Vilaller (Lleida) 




Rent a 4x4

The 4x4 is recommended to access the House 



Collection and delivery of the vehicle in

Lleida City,



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