The treasure Calvera Borda

The Calvera Borda proposes a CHALLENGE!. The challenge is aimed at both adults and children and the goal is to find that there are several haunted places around the Borda of Calvera. There are famous places, or acquaintances. All these places otherwise only be available to visitors to the Borda who are adventurous and daring.


At each site you will find a number. The combination of these numbers allow visitors to open the Chest of Calvera Borda where both small and large find an award for perseverance!


The Places to find:

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Route A: The Cave

The cave is located at the side and 40ml is ideal playground for the children. It is a stone that allows smaller will always have a great time being very close to the Borda of Calvera.

Route C: The Samuel Forca

The challenge is to find the FORCA OF SAMUEL. The forca is a tree in the woods that has a very curious. The origin of this special way is a mystery. The tree is hidden in the forest and legend has it that whoever sits in the middle of "forca" it will be granted health and wellness. 




Ruta B: La Cabaña de Noé

Located very close meadow below the house is the place where kids can have a wonderful time. It is a log cabin made of a tree. This place is ideal children spend hours and hours playing.

Route D: The Enchanted Waterfall.

The enchanted waterfall is a small waterfall in the river in the forest you will discover a recobijo endearing. Ideal for lunch or afternoon escape to the waterfall in summer is ideal for getting your feet wet and take a dip.

But only the brave as the water is






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